Lands of Valour is a Dynamic Event Role Play (DERP) based around a land split into five factions:

The Baronies of Gyfford

The Baronies of Theudin

The Colleges of Technology

The Schools of Magic

And The Jarldoms of the Nord.

A DERP means that every time a major event happens in the game, for example a Baron declares war on another Baron, it will have lasting effects on the entire Game.

Notable PagesEdit

History of Pallara - Tells of the history, such as major events in the early years of Pallara.

The Baronies, Jarldoms, Schools and Colleges of Pallara - Tells of the different factions in Pallara.

Microfactions - Tells of the microfactions in Pallara.

Known Names - Tells of the Contributers, Scripters, Builders, and Leaders across Pallara.

Religions of Pallara - Tells of the religions of Pallara.

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